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iOS Calculator Replication

A calculator web application that is an exact replication of the iOS calculator (in both functionality and design). I made the entire codebase from scratch, and most of the codebase is written in vanilla JavaScript. Just like the iOS calculator, users can make calculations using the 4 basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and subtraction). There’s support for both inputting and outputting floating point numbers. Additionally, the calculator allows users to “chain” operations.

Wordle Solver

A fun CLI project that is able to solve the online game of Wordle. The model is inspired by the bag-of-words model (although, my model takes into account ordering). You can test the software yourself by cloning the GitHub repo, following the steps described in the documentation, and passing the output to the online Wordle game. My software has a 100% success rate at solving the game of Wordle (out of 100 tests).

Taco Restaurant Website Mockup

This is one of the first big projects that I ever worked on. I researched some beginner project ideas for web-development when I started feeling comfortable with my skills in HTML and CSS. I found some inspiration from a mockup of a taco restaurant online, and I decided to replicate it. I had two important goals with this project that I wanted to accomplish. First off, I wanted to be able to create an exact replica of a website without ever referring to the source code. I wanted to be able to accomplish this so that I could show myself that I know how to reverse engineer projects. Secondly, I wanted to accomplish the goal of being able to make a website that is optimized for mobile screens as well. I spent a lot of time and focus on trying to optimize the design for mobile screens to show myself the steps needed and amount of detail needed to be able to create a design that is adaptable to mobile screens (both smart phones and tablets).